Plan for the Planet

The Project

Over 8 billion humans live on Earth and depend on its biosphere and natural resources for their survival. While the subject of climate change has reached peak awareness politically, there seems to be an absence of concrete proposals for how to address the problem on a global scale.

We approach creating a plan for the planet in the same manner as one would approach a planning or architectural project of any scale: carefully identify the problem and opportunities, research the possible technological solutions, explore and benchmark multiple options of intervention, quantify the means and scope of work, resolve the basic planning implications, visualize the impact, break down the steps needed for realization, and propose a phasing and financing model. Our objective is to create a manual that can be intuitively understood and implemented by various user groups in diverse industries to support the sustainability ambitions of our world and foster inclusivity and wellbeing.

Who We Are

Plan for the Planet Foundation believes that a plan for our entire planet would help create a tangible, actionable, executable plan — pragmatic in its principles, utopian in its ambition.

Founded by BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group in 2022 and led by a group of industry experts, the Foundation aims to address the fundamental challenges of energy, transport, industry, biodiversity, resources, pollution, water, food, and prosperous living conditions for a world with up to 10 billion inhabitants. The purpose of the Foundation is to present an actionable overview of what it would actually take to stop the net emission of greenhouse gasses, and to get an idea of the practical implications of the ultimate goal, a 100 percent sustainable human presence on planet Earth. This initiative is our approach to thinking bigger and connecting the sustainable ambitions of our built environment from the small scale to the planetary scale.